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Everyone has something valuable laying around their house or yard that can easily be turned into cash.

There are lots of ways people acquire extra valuables to sell.

Using our website can help you Sell It Yourself, Or Sell It To Us!!!!

Many people may use pawn shops, payday loans, or websites like or to sell their extra items.

Using Craigs List allows you to sell your items to a local market close to home. Normally you can meet your potential buyer in person and negotiate a sales price and delivery.

Using allows you to sell your items to anyone in the world.  Selling on  EBAY usually involves more shipping, higher fees and having to answer more questions to potenital buyers since they normally are not local and unable to physically see your item prior to purchase.

Below is basic information about how to use each of these websites.  Like everything, the more you use these websites and become familiar with them, the easier it will be to post your items for sale.


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